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Cannabis Gift Guide: Feel-Good Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Shop cannabis gifts for everyone on your list.

It’s been a year! And whether you love to celebrate the holidays or not, we all deserve something to help us kick back and relax as we wrap up 2021. So, instead of socks or another ugly tie for dad, maybe this is the year you switch it up and give the gift of a good high.

If you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, we’ve got some inspiration in-store. 

We’ve created a cannabis gift guide that’s personalized for everyone on your list based on their smoking style (or not!) We’ve got CBD and hemp options too for those just dipping their toe into the cannabis world. 

What Makes a Good Cannabis Gift?

What makes a great gift? A personalized one. 

Instead of picking out a generic strain, think about their personality, interests, hobbies or what stage in life they’re at. Maybe mom would like some soft chews in her stocking, or cousin Brody wants a portable vaporizer. 

We’ve broken out the 2021 cannabis gift guide in a few ways  – from the cannabis newbie to the cannabis connoisseurs. 

Gift Ideas For the Cannabis Newbie

Some new cannabis users may be nervous about how and where to get started. A safe and fun way for people to get acquainted with cannabis is by giving them items that are low in potency and easy to use.

The best introduction to cannabis for some is a pre-rolled joint. For beginners who are skeptical about smoking, you can give cannabis edibles like gummies or chocolate. Here are a few options to start the cannabis newbie off on the right foot. 

Pink Mango (Social) Pre-Roll 3-Pack

If you’re picking a gift for a cannabis newbie, you have to first think about convenience. Most likely your friend or loved one is not going to know how to roll, making a pack of premium pre-rolls a perfect gift!

These Fleurish pre-rolls, which are made only from the whole flower and finished by hand, are packed with a rare sativa dominant plant. Pink Mango (Social) will leave you energized and inspired, with a lemony aftertaste dancing on your tongue. 

Quick Strawberry Lime 1:1 Balanced Soft Chews

If you’re looking for a gift that offers an intense but not overwhelming sensation of THC, check out Wana Quick strawberry lime gummies.

The chewy, fruity gummies are infused with 10mg of CBD and 10mg of THC and might be the best Christmas gift ever. These gummies are handcrafted using a recipe made with pectin, not gelatin, and enhanced with over 30 terpenes.

Gift Ideas For the Cannabis Connoisseur

People who call themselves cannabis connoisseurs usually have more experience with cannabis products than the occasional user. As cannabis connoisseurs ourselves, here are the top picks that we’ve enjoyed in the last year.

Craft Orange Tingz

Obviously, you want to get the best gift for your loved ones. And what is a better gift than some premium bud?

If you’re looking for a strain that’s as tasty as it looks, then look no further. Orange Tingz is an indica dominant hybrid, which will leave you happy, sleepy and relaxed. This small-batch craft flower is grown with zero pesticides, hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cured and hand packed in batches small enough to treat each plant like family.

Focus V Original (Black)

Here is another awesome gift — the Focus V Original.  Finally, a vaporizer that offers the same experience as more expensive models but at a more affordable price! 

The Focus V Original is perfect for those who love vaping THC. It has 6 preset temperatures and features haptic feedback so you can feel every hit. This gift would provide a unique vaporizing experience for all cannabis lovers.

Cannabis Gift Ideas For the Hemp-Lover

CBD has gained popularity in recent years, and studies have even shown that this non-psychoactive compound may have even more health benefits, including reducing inflammation and managing pain. 

Some people introduce it into their wellness routines, and use it to de-stress or sleep better! That’s why it makes such a great gift for friends, loved ones, or even coworkers. They can also be a good way to introduce someone new to the benefits of hemp, especially if they are a little wary of the psychoactive THC effects.

There are so many different CBD products, but here are a few of our favourites:

Peach Serene CBD Soft Chews

Imagine being in the perfect state of mind, where everything is calm and you feel like your thoughts are flowing freely. The Peach Serene CBD gummies by Aurora Drift will have your mind and body relaxing in no time.

These fruity bite-sized gummies are infused with high-quality cannabinoid extract from our best-selling CBD strains so that each one has an even distribution of resin that provides consistency throughout every delicious bite.

CBD 50 Plus Formula Oil

Another top-notch gift would be this CBD oil by MediPharm Labs. This high-quality CBD product has 50mg/mL of pure cannabidiol, and its formula will leave your loved ones feeling relief throughout the day.  

If you have someone in mind that likes to smoke instead, they would dig Black Widow CBD. It’s an amazing strain that offers an entire entourage of various cannabinoids along with a full-bodied flavour.

Gifts For the Non-Smoker

Cannabis gifts might seem like an odd choice for non-smokers, but there are plenty of cannabis products out there that will appeal to people who don’t smoke, from edibles to capsules. Take a look at our favourites:

Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 5:1 Sour Soft Chews

The Pomegranate Blueberry acai sour soft chews sound and are delicious. Full of CBD, these three powerhouse flavour crews make a great gift for anyone in need of relaxation.

These edibles are handcrafted with all-natural flavours and their sour taste makes them even more refreshing. They also provide some additional stimulation due to their low THC, hitting all the right spots.

Gems 5:5

A blend of Redecan cannabis grown in Niagara was extracted using CO2 to be encapsulated in these easy-to-swallow gel caps, all ready to be a perfect Christmas Gift! 

These gems can be taken at any time of the day, and it’s hard to beat their convenience for anyone who enjoys cannabis oil benefits.

Stocking Stuffers and Cannabis Smoking Accessories

If you’re looking for something that will stick around for a little longer than bud, smoking accessories like a vaporizer or apparel is a great choice. 

One of the best things about cannabis is that there are so many options for accessories. You can get anything from pipes and joints, right down to rolling papers or grinders. If you’re looking for something unique, check out the latest and greatest:

RYOT – Acrylic Micro-Dose Inhaler w/ Micro-Box (Black&White)

These Ryot Micro Boxes are a must-have for any smoker who loves to smoke on the go! These revolutionary little boxes come with an array of eye-catching acrylic blends and patented magnetic pokers. 

They are also super easy to use, just toss it into your pocket along with some lighter fluid. Your favourite smoker will be ready for action in seconds flat!

Hemper Tech 5.5″ Space Car Bong

This is a revolutionary gift, the Hemper bong, is a herb bowl for dry herbs and concentrates. Its dual feature makes it a great accessory for someone who likes the best of both worlds.

Smoking accessories cannot be complete without the GR8TR Jar Body Grinder to make sure that your loved ones always have one on hand. Maybe throw it in to make your gift a little extra special.

Cannabis Gift Combos

Don’t think that just one gift is going to be enough? These combos are a great idea for anyone looking to get their cannabis-loving pals something unique this holiday season. 

Try out some of our top combinations:

Hemper Tech 8″ Pineapple Rig  +  Pineapple Paradise [Pre-98 Bubba Kush X Sour Diesel]

Get creative with the HEMPER Pineapple rig, which stands at 8″ tall and features a pineapple decorative splash guard! Combine that with a bent neck design, which offers both aesthetic and functional qualities, and you’ve got a nearly perfect piece. 

Want to give your friends something to smoke out of this beauty? You can wrap it with this pineapple-themed gift with a pineapple paradise strain. This tropical treat will feel like a vacation come to life.

MPB Wooden Micro Box with Matching Taster Bat | Bamboo  + Funfetti

This combo is going to blow your favourite stoner’s mind. 

Surprise them with this wooden micro box combined with a matching taster bat, which has an array of eye-catching acrylic blends.  Its unique pistol grip creates a micro box like none other. It is easy to carry on the go, just grab a lighter and you’re set for the day! 

Pair this MPB wooden micro box with a strain that smells as good as it looks. Funfetti’s bright orange pistils contrast the dark shades of purple while carrying a sweet creamy flavour, reminiscent of fresh birthday cake. This high-THC strain will leave your loved ones happy and relaxed.

Gifts Under $30

Gifts don’t have to be pricey. As the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”. 

Gifts under $30 are a great option when you’re on a budget. These gifts are way too good for their price:

Blue Nova [Blue Dream]

If someone you know loves strains that fuel up their creative energy, look no further than Blue Nova strain. This sweet and sticky sativa hybrid has a sugary flavour and its buds are full of trichomes, which gives off its signature intense berry aroma.

Forbidden Fruit 510

Don’t think that flower is the best choice and vaping is more up your alley? With $30 or less, you could get Forty’s Forbidden Fruit 510 cartridge. This cartridge, filled with sweet and earthy strain, is compatible with 510 thread devices. 

Perfect for your Back Forty Adventures!

Happy Gifting!

We hope you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year. No matter who you’re buying for, they’ll appreciate the thought you put in. 

Your holiday shopping is about to get a whole lot more interesting. If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for and only got inspired by our gift guide, you can always check out our menu for more items. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted or serious, we have it all. 
Happy holidays from Leaf Lab Dispensary!