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Here at the Leaf Lab headquarters we’re always on the hunt for what is new and fresh in the cannabis world. We’ve rounded up our favourite staff picks for the season, from flower and edibles to CBD and vaporizers. What’s best is you can shop online today and get it delivered right to your door.


We’re a bit biased here at Leaf Lab, but we have the freshest cannabis in town. Our bud is picked at its prime and delivered to you freshly dried. Shop our best buds for this season.

Color Cannabis - Space Cake

Space Cake
[Girl Scout Cookies X Snow Lotus]

Citizen Stash Sage N'Sour 3.5g

Citizen Stash Sage N'Sour 3.5g

Dim MAC [Drew's Dark Helmet X MAC]

Carmel Dim MAC
[Drew's Dark Helmet X MAC]

Space Cake is the perfect indica-dominant hybrid strain for any cannabis lover looking to take their high to new heights. A cross between the legendary GSC and Snow Lotus strains and its unique flavour profile of fruits and berries will have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud

The perfect balance of sweet and sour, this potent hybrid creates a deliciously herby taste with hints of earthy favours. Hand-harvested and hand-trimmed, these pesticide-free nugs are perfect for any cannabis connoisseur.

If you’re looking for an indica-dominant hybrid with some serious lineage, then Carmel DIM MAC is your flower. Born from crossing Drew’s Dark Helmet with a Mac male, this bud delivers the best of both. Expect an ultra-smooth smoke that delivers creamy citrus, gas, and cookie dough hints.


Whether you’re into CBD soft chews or flavourful THC gummies, we’ve got some tasty treats in store. Our team has selected their favourite edibles that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you feeling relaxed.

SOURZ Strawberry Mango Gummies | 5x2mg ​

SOURZ Strawberry Mango Gummies | 5x2mg

Mixed Berry Gummies | 5x2mg​

Mixed Berry Gummies | 5x2mg

Thc Solid Milk Chocolate

THC Solid Milk Chocolate | 2x5mg

The perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth and your THC cravings. These delicious gummies are packed with luscious strawberry and tropical mango flavours. Each pack contains five big “S” gummies, making it easy to share with friends.

These soft chews are the perfect choice for those who want a berry explosion in their mouths. Packed with 5mg of THC and 2mg of CBD each, these chews are a great way to experience the benefits of both.

Smooth and delicious, these milk chocolates contain 10mg of THC per package. The pieces are breakable into two portions, so you can dose your high perfectly or share a treat with a friend.


Vape pens are a great way to enjoy your weed anywhere. When the staff here want a good smoke, we always turn to vaporizers because of their convenience factor. Best of all, it provides huge clouds of smoke for the ultimate high.

Tropic Lemon 510 | 1g​

Tropic Lemon 510 | 1g

Strain Rec Apple Berry 510 1G

Magic Melon 510 | 1g

Looking for an enjoyable and balanced vaping experience? This cartridge features a Sativa dominant cannabis distillate with a terpene-rich blend. Manufactured with medical-grade stainless steel, it includes a ceramic heating element and mouthpieces to increase safety and performance.

The Strain Rec Apple Berry 510 cartridge is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its distinct green apple and raspberry flavours. Combined with hints of citrus, lemongrass and mango, this hybrid cartridge is great for daytime use or when you want something that’s both flavorful and refreshing.

Experience the taste of summer. This sativa-dominant hybrid is packed with delicious, tropical flavours that will have you feeling like you’re on a Caribbean vacation. Whether you’re looking to try something new or just want to enjoy the taste of summer all year long, this mega melon-forward, sativa-dominant hybrid is a great pick.


If you want to try some of our CBD products, check out this season’s best right here. We have a lot of really cool things in-store and online that can help elevate your wellness regime. We love to hear from our customers too, and our staff is here to guide you to some new products to test drive.

Pure Pulls Full Spectrum Blend CBD 510 | 1g

CBD 50 Plus Formula Oil | 30ml (50mgCBD/ml)​

CBD 50 Plus Formula Oil | 30ml (50mgCBD/ml)

CBD GEMS+ | 15 caps

Looking for a CBD product that gives you all the benefits without any of the effects of THC? This full spectrum blend is derived from hemp so that you can enjoy all the benefits CBD offers. This versatile CBD oil can help you achieve a clear mind and a sense of well-being.

This pharma-quality high-CBD oil (50 mg/mL) is made using full spectrum cannabis concentrate produced at MediPharm Labs. It has been rigorously tested to ensure purity and potency. CBD50 oil is perfect for those looking for a convenient way to enjoy CBD benefits.

Step up your CBD game with Redecan CBD+ Gems! Available in a 15-capsule bottle, each of these soft gels has 30mg of CBD for easy dosing. They are formulated with MCT oil for high-CBD potency.


No time to roll? We hear you. Shop our top choices for pre-rolls that make lighting up convenient and easy. Pre-rolls are a Leaf Lab go-to because they make it easy to enjoy your favourite strains straight up in no time.

Back Forty 40's Wedding Pie 10x0.35g​

Back Forty 40's Wedding Pie 10x0.35g

Benny Blunto [LA Kush] Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g​

Benny Blunto [LA Kush] Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

Tantalus Labs LA Kush Cake 3x0.5g

Tantalus Labs LA Kush Cake 3x0.5g

We know you like to enjoy your bud in style, and that’s why we’ve got the perfect pre-roll for you. These Back Forty 40s joints are machine-rolled for a smooth, even burn every time. Plus, they come with a resealable film so you can keep them fresh no matter where you go.

The Loud Plug Benny Bluntos is perfect for gas lovers. This unique product has all the proper markings and a great smooth taste. The strain inside, La Kush, presents itself as an earthy mix of pine and menthol flavours. The hybrid is hung dry for 21 days to preserve all of its terpenes.

Tantalus Labs LA Kush Cake is the perfect mix of two classic strains. The Wedding Cake X Kush Mints lineage results in an irresistible hybrid that tastes like gas and diesel, with subtle sour notes. This flower is dense green with hints of purple and true to its name, large nugs are caked up with frost.

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