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The Leaf Lab

We are an independent group of cannabis technicians working to create a wholesome experience for any customer walking through our doors. Since its opening, the Lab consistently provides the best products based on your demand. Our goal is to show you a new way to experiment.

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Our Mission

To inspire our patrons to responsibly explore possibility through an experience that is uniquely catered to them. In this way, Leaf Lab Cannabis will leave a lasting positive impact on customers and their respective communities. Leaf Lab Cannabis is not the average cannabis store. It is an experience that stays with customers, long after they leave the facility.



Our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist any customer in need. When you visit a Leaf Lab Cannabis facility, you can be assured that your satisfaction is our top priority. No idea what you need? No problem. Cannabis connoisseur? You can ask for advice or use our self service tablets and be on your way. Our staff is here to service you in the best way possible.


Our Facilities